Will be honored students participating in activities during this week (on Monday, 16.12.2013 Music & Computer Activity - on Tuesday, 12.17.2013 Qur'an , Art & Library Activity - on Wednesday, 18.12.2013 P.E Activity

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Welcome Parents & students: On behalf of the school and staff, we welcome you to an exciting school year. We are pleased that you are a part of the manarat school family. We anticipate your involvement and cooperation in making these years successful. An overview of the schools policies, procedures and guide lines can be found in the school guide which was sent home at the beginning of this year. It is the desire of the school and staff of manarat language school to create a loving and safe environment in which children can learn. We encourage mental physical and emotional growth in the student entrusted to our care. Our goal is to have our students prepared for each step in life.